Silence Reigns


Silence is a Juncture,

A Stepping Stone to another Plane,

Where Thoughts Transcend like Liquescent Gold,

Puddles of Musings Filling,



In Balmy climes and in Frozen realms,

Where Tempestuous frenzy waits in vain

To crush the Calm,

To wrack and puncture,

Yet Silence Reigns where Peace Abounds,

In Tranquil, Soft, Harmonious Sounds.


Beautiful Original Artwork: Silence by WiciaQ

18 thoughts on “Silence Reigns

      1. I am doing fine, only, and this is nothing to complain about really, but there is a lot of construction work going on in the flat above me, and there is super loud banging from like 7 am to 11 pm, it bangs so much that the floor is vibrating. And I am so sensitive to sounds, if it is too loud I will just start crying. So I am struggling little bit. I miss peace and quiet.


    1. Yes I looks so quiet and calm, I can hear the birds singing, the squirrels rustling, the cicada’s trilling the leaves shushing …oh wait..there aren’t any leaves..oh well 🙂


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