Mystic Fire


Black of Night in Beguiling Shade,

Misconstrue and Silently Enshroud,

While All the Harmony of Quietus Ensues,

Hear Unhallowed Memory Singing Loud.

Dance, Fire of Mystic Calamity,

Muting and Subduing Surreptitiously,

Intrinsic as the Ebon Hours

Flowering with Bold Duplicity.

As the Nighttide Whispers her Tranquil Tune,

Mystic Fire Ignites the Ancient Rune.


Witch Artwork found on:


    1. As I was paging through images on the web, she grabbed me and began weaving her magic! Im not sure who the artist is, but its AMAZING 🙂 so glad you were equally enchanted by her Spell. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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