OctPoWriMo – Traitorous Sigh

Traitorous Sigh

Secrets Hasten to Unveil Me,
Rhapsodizing in my Fantasy,
All a-Slander in my Protestations,
Comparing me to the Chiding Sea
That Tosses her head when She is Fair,
And Glistens when She is Vexed with Rage;
Yet I, with Skill not Waking to Unfold me,
Stand Silent and Mutely Turn the Page.

Vagabonds in shackles Raising
Treacherous Voices in Symphony,
Like Caterwauling Felines, Unharmonious,
While I Listen in Awestruck Litany.
Just as this Discordant Wailing
Plays Traitor to my Solicitous Sigh,
Such am I Without You here,
And Thus am I when You Whisper β€œGood-Bye”.



Breathtaking Original Artwork by: Fernanda Brussi Goncalves


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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