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You Abandoned Me
You Lied to Me
You Neglected Me

I Love You.

You Spread Lies About Me
You Cheated on Me
You Mistreated Me

I Love You.

You Made Assumptions
You Misunderstood
You Walked Away

I Love You.

You Left Me Hungry,
You Forgot about Me
You Never Looked Back

I Love You.

Turn my Heart of Stone into a Palace of Love,
Reshape my Thinking to Foster Kindness,
Renew my Hope to Shine into the Darkness
Fill me with Your Love
To Love My Neighbors as Myself,

Neighbors who Need
Neighbors who Fear
Neighbors who Lie and Steal and shed Tears
Neighbors who Hate
Neighbors who Grieve
Neighbors who Abscond and Who Thieve

Turn my Heart into a Palace of Love,
Unconditional Agape like that Above.


Beautiful Photograph found at: psychedelicstuff at Deviantart.com