Autumn Springs – The Complete Verse

Autumn Springs

Autumn Springs from Summer’s Flame,
Eternal Passage of Season’s Change,
Dance of Passion’s Lingering Game,
Viridian for Copper, Elemental Exchange.

Primordial instincts embrace epic hues,
Fantasy’s Utopia, view Wisps becoming Brides,
Delphian Fairwell Fairies mimic and muse,
Rousing Shadows and Lovers, crimsons collide.

Pageant of Nighttide, Shimmering Bright,
Secrets Whispered in Primeval Tones,
Gathering Luminous, Spectral Light,
Ethereal Queen Born from muttering crone.

Dauntless Coppice, pursuing nature’s virgin Sprite,
Baptized, Nocturnal King of Twilight’s Beasts,
Queen Dowager awaits Autumn’s marital rites,
Mystic humming, via Motley winds due East.

Dance upon the Darling Midnight,
Twirl amidst the Foliage Aflame,
King and Queen Bedecked in Mirth’s Light,
Escaping Summer’s Clasp, Ne’er to be the Same.

Brilliance sparkling over Celestial skies
Approval granted, Russet Harvest’s grace
Verdict trumpeted, Change of Seasons, shall advise
Regal first kiss, as accompanying Timbers embrace

Spectrum’s Flame of Autumnal Dawn,
Seasons Shift, like Willows Bend,
Dancing Tatiana and Bold Oberon,
In Sweetest Union without End.

Fate’s Tale whirls on Heliotrope dreams
Epic dance, adorning Violaceous Wings
Crisp winds commence, as Folklore sings
Fantasy lives within Autumn Springs

Autumn Springs 2

I am so Delighted to have spent the week working with Audrey on this collaboration. I have loved Audrey’s poetry for so long now and have very often wanted to jump into her Lyrically Dancing words to spin and twirl with her, as her verses ever seem to me like she is Dancing…and NOW We Have shared a Dance Together 🙂 It has been a Dream of a Collaboration and I simply Adore the Tale we’ve woven together. Audrey, Thank You Thank You Ever So~ 🙂

This poem of the change of seasons, of Halloween, of Light and Darkness is the culmination a week long collaboration with Audrey Dawn from whose poetry and beguiling perspectives ever Entice and Inspire me. I am Delighted and Honoured to have worked with her on this poem. Nothing was pre-Planned, nothing pre-scripted…I wrote verse one, then after reading it, Audrey wrote verse two which inspired verse three by me….and so on. Each verse we wrote Inspired the next, taking us on a week long Journey into the Lyrically Unknown.

Top Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lilla Marton
Bottom Beautiful Original Artwork by: Josephine Wall


  1. Hi Morgan… I found your site from a link on Audrey’s site. I too am a great fan of her writing. This is beautiful poetry and I’m very happy to have been introduced to it and to you. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful writing.


    1. Hi Michael
      Thank You ever so much for stopping by BnV 🙂 I am so very glad you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you again sometime. I do agree, Audrey’s writing is Sublime…which is why I was so thrilled when she agreed to work on this collaboration with me. Thanks Ever So and Many Blessings, New Friend 🙂


    1. So glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I am so thrilled it came out so well. working “on the fly” is always a bit scary, but I knew Audrey would create something amazing 🙂

      Thanks Ever So Much

      Liked by 1 person

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