OctPoWriMo – The Silence

The Silence

Silence fills the corners of my mind
Sound without echo
Reason without Rhyme
Longing for Whispers that Mingle
Caresses that Sing
Tenderness that Sighs
Delivering my Senses from this desert
Lost in perpetual noise
Drowned in ceaseless chatter
Yearning for the Devotion of One
Love that Astonishes
Attraction that Defies
The Silence



Beautiful Original Artwork by: Yaga K at Deviantart.com


  1. 🙂 I have to start using the norwegian word I used to give Ihsan (Oh I miss his poetry!) when I commented on his poems (I am running out of compliments! 🙂 )
    Vakkert! Vakkert! Vakkert! It means beautiful in norwegian, but it is much much more powerful than beautiful, and it is only used in very rare occasions 🙂

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