Saturday Showcase – Beloved


Sweet is Your Touch, Beloved, And Temptingly Beguiling;
Conspiring with my senses,
Intoxicating me as Finest Wine,
Where Ever I crave only Your Affection;
So Captivated I am By the Bliss of You.

If One could Breathe and Know the Passion of my Heart,
โ€˜Tis You, Beloved, For In Your eyes Exists my Heaven;
In Your Smile, my Reverie, like Doves, descends;
When You Speak my essence Trembles;
So Enraptured I am By the Pleasure of You.

Measures of music stand mute and Expansive symphony discordant
In the echo of You, Beloved, Singing Sweetly;
Tantalizing my Rapt Ear While Breathlessly I Listen;
Dreaming in Waking, Though not A-Slumber;
So Enchanted I am, By the Delight of You.

Originally Published in August 2013.

Beautiful Photograph found at :


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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