I was driving to work yesterday, same country route as usual, around the meandering twists and turns, uphills and down, listening quite contentedly to Depeche Mode (as usual!) when I saw something that shocked me so completely I simply had to stop and take a picture. The person in the car behind me was none to pleased at my abrupt decision, but it simply had to be done. This little Beauty was busy scampering about collecting his/her winter’s store and paid me little mind, but unfortunately, this is the only picture I was able to capture before this precious little charmer disappeared back into the auburn and russet foliage. Isn’t he/she just Beautiful!



  1. Yes he is amazing. I live in Queens, NY and our squirrels are all grayish brown. I use to work in the Bronx and would take the bus. There was an area on route that had black squirrels and that was amazing to me. How wonderful it must of been to find this fellow.


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