Diligence Quests


Diligence Quests

Beyond the Pain,

Beyond the Limits of the Unceasing Rain,

To Unfurl her Wings

Upon the Tranquil Breeze,

Diligence Quests for the Peace that Frees.

Beautiful Photo found on: webneel.com


    1. 🙂 Sure, well, my take on it is Persistance. Keeping on after something regardless of what is going on around you. It is also about being Reliable, I believe. Having Focus regardless of your surroundings. thats how I look at it, anyway 🙂 Thanks Line!!


  1. You are not weak by any means. It takes strength to write a beautiful poem like this so soon after your loss. I do sense your struggle with the loss of your mother in your poems. Sending you hugs. ❤


    1. You are not the first to say that, and I love the perceptiveness of my Dear Friends to notice. I am trying and I suppose that is all i can do. Being here amoung my friends certainly helps. Thank You Dearest !

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