Friday Fantasy – Hope’s Wings

Hopes Wings

Beyond the Borders of Reality

Waits the River of Your Dreams,

Darkly Waters they may Be

Yet Illumined by Glittering Beams.

Waiting in the Calm Twilight

Of All You Once Held Dear,

For You to Step into the Light

And Banish Lurking Fear;

To Tempt the Stillness that Quietly Sings

With Hope’s Unfettered, Weightless Wings!

Beautiful Image found on: Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures on


      1. I can understand that. Me too …I think I keep forgetting how draining emotional stress can be. We Tend to overlook that.

        Blessings of Strength and Joy, My Friend πŸ™‚


      1. Hello again Morgan, sorry about my misunderstanding this morning. I took Audrey too literally when she called you her girl. I mistakenly thought she was your mum. Audrey has told me about your mum which made my mistake even more crass. I just want to say no offence was meant. Be well and happy. xxx


      2. OH πŸ™‚ I was rather wondering about that, but I understand how difficult it is keeping comments straight on here. No offense in the world ..Im very happy to have you stop by πŸ™‚


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