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The fire that chokes,
The sea of twisted brambles that scratch and tear,
The restless tempest of the wandering wind,
The broken glass that serrates and severs,
The jagged blade that plunges deep into Precious Life,
All shambles of disarray and turmoil,
Lies and fodder to feed the foolish.
Wake, O Most Beloved One!
See the Dawn!
Hear the Harmonious Choir of Birdsong
That Pours forth its Praise upon the Morning
And Do Not Let Your Heart Be Captured
By the Ruthlessness of Night;
For in that Darkness,
Where Serpents Sing and Demons Serenade,
The Calamity of Uncertainty plays upon Doubt,
Only to Destroy.
Wake, O Most Beloved One!
See the Rising Day!
And Let Your Heart Sing as a Clear and Strident Trumpet Call
Unto the Gleaming Hope that Beckons.


Beautiful Photograph found at: hdwallpaper.freehdw.com