Sweetest Language

Sweetest Langauge

If Love Doth Speak

In the Sweetest Language Of its own,

โ€˜Tis then in Honesty

That it speaks to me,

To my Heart,

With Tremors of Breath,

And Shudders of Pleased Delight;

Yet never let it Cease to Whisper,

Lest I be unable to Breathe

By its Loss.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Cindy Grundsten


  1. As there is shadow of every form, a re-echo of every sound, and a reflection of every light, the exists a re-impression of everything one sees, hears, or perceives. But as it takes a poet’s mind to grasp a wording, or a musician’s ears to sense the overtone of a sound, an artist’s eyes to recognise the form from its shadow,an d a keen sight toto distinguish the degree of reflection of light, so it takes a special soul to see through the things of life.

    Could you recognise yourself, here?


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