It Is Not

It Is Not

It is Not,
It does Not,
Calamity upon the sleeve;
Creeping like the Dark of Night
Into the Heart
To lurk and cleave.

It has Never,
It will Never,
Trespass set into motion;
Crushing the Majestic Billowing Wave
Of the deepest,
Bravest Ocean.

Wreaking Havoc on their course;
Vile demons smashing Heaven,
Hand in Hand
With Force.

Like Poison,
Caustic as Infection;
Cheats the Heart of all that Shimmers,
And Gathers unto it

Beautiful Original Artwork by: abuseofreason at deviantart

6 thoughts on “It Is Not

  1. Huff…..Negativity……be gone with you, you black cloud!! Shooooosh!! I meant to shoo away the neagtivity, of course not you!! Your writing is as beautiful as always! 🙂


    1. I agree…FOOOF Off with you Negative Monster! (Actually, I will confess I took the first two lines of this poem from the BBC movie of Persuasion w/ Rupert Penry-Jones. He actually says them at some point in the movie and I always thought it rather poetic.)

      Thank You Ever So ~


  2. Negativity can be smote with good times and good people…as bad and negative as things get the people around you can always cushion you from it. Those floating umbrellas in the picture are great by the way, I think I may get myself one.


    1. I think so often people do not realize the Power of the spoken word, particularly when those negative words are spoken to a child. It is so important to Speak what we want into being and to guard against those ideas that pull us down.

      Sermonette Over… 😉 Thanks Ever So~

      And yes, positively Brilliant Bumbershoots 🙂


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