Fighting Faith

vintage golden wallper

Sinking thoughts,
Pulling dirge
Of all that fills my soul with fear.
Pause to Feel You, Ever near.
Close in Heart, in Soul, in Mind,
Hopelessness left far behind,
While Shadows Lurk
And Dismay creeps,
Underestimated Fight.
Drenched in Sweet Pervading Light.
Close in Heart, in Soul, in Mind,
Helplessness left far behind.
Wondering Dreams,
Wandering Hope,
That Twist the Heart with Uncertainty.
Lifting, shifting,
All the Faith Fighting in me.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jessica Galbreth


  1. This is beautiful Morgan. Rest & know that you are right where you need to be. If you were supposed to be somewhere else you would be there! If there was something you needed to do you would do it I know This. Sometimes we don’t realize the way maker has made a way and you are sitting right in the middle of it! I used to wait for this or that to happen and then I would be on my way! What I have realized is I am right where I need to be! I don’t know that brought me a lot of peace! I hope it does you too! Hugs to you sweet Morgan! I believe in you! 💗


    1. OH thank You dearest sweet Michelle 🙂 I live too often in the Waiting for Mode…and this truly reminds me that The Precious Lord uses me every day, in ways I cannot even conceive of, and my life already has its purpose. I trust and hold to this…I write what I am lead to and Believe all that is meant for me Shall Come…when it is meant to. Amen and Blessing!! Thank YOU 🙂


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