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Power Surging through Rhythm to Quell,

The Romantic, Climatic, Burgeoning Swell,

Ancient and New, Dichotomic sound,

Reaching within, Turns the Spirit Round,

Vast and Passionate, Fiercely Entreating,

Hypnotic Enchantment, Generously Speaking,

While the Hills may Echo with Lyrical Mirth,

Music Engendering Renewal and Birth.

Spent the day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire today and enjoyed a day with my sister and niece, perusing shoppes, partaking of fine yummies, indulging in a spot of wine (or Port in my case), and enjoying on four separate occasions the exceptionally fun and inspiring music of Tartanic. Four Lads, Two master bagpipers and two amazing drummers left my spirit soaring and, though you won’t be surprised, sent my mind tumbling into verse. Much fun…but you can see and hear for yourself 🙂 so this is my shameless plug, because I assured Adrian I would.



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