Upon the Mountain

On the Mountain

Brilliant Canopy of Fire and Light,
Transcending Fury of Celestial Night,
Echoes of Calamity, Awe Inspiring Sight,
Zeus Upon the Mountain.

Thunder Rocking the terrestrial plain,
Pouring from Heaven, a Mighty Fountain,
Reverberant Sound, Again and Again,
Zeus Upon the Mountain.

Light Shattering, cacophonous sound,
Iconic chanting where Apollo stands, Bound,
Splendour Incarnate in Brilliance crowned,
Zeus Upon his Mountain.

Beautiful Photograph found on: pinkwhiskey.tumblr.com


    1. It is such a powerful image, I couldn’t help thinking about how simple shepherds and farmers so many centuries ago might perceive such a terrifying sight.

      Thanks so very much Michelle!


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