Shallow Token

Of Simplicity Bending
While Heartstrings are Mending

Of the Silent Word

Memory Speaking
While Heartstrings are Seeking

Breath of Wind
Locks of hair
Unbroken Stare

Touching Eternity
Through Dreams Musing Fair

Anger Clouded

Beguiling Beginning
Innocent Heartstrings Doubted





This hand crafted image was provided to me by Rajiv Chopra found at: http://rajivchopra.me/ as a visual Challenge.  His questions to me were:  Who is she? What’s in her heart? Her mind? Is she kind? Is she evil?   Almost Immediately, this verse spilled forth.  Once again, Thanks Rajiv for the Mental Exercise.  I love it!

14 thoughts on “Heartstrings

    1. possibly 🙂 as I was writing this, I was thinking “where is she going? What is she feeling” I didn’t really resolve anything, and I think I like that…so glad you do as well 😉



  1. Reblogged this on rajivchopra and commented:
    This is the product of another collaboration effort between Cynthia Morgan and me. An image I created on the IPad, and her poetry.
    Her poetry brings it alive!


    1. Thank You so Much. I was really amazed at how quickly these words tumbled out…particularly since its been rather a stressful week and I’ve been coming up short on inspiration.

      Blessings my Friend 🙂 thanks ever so much for being there!


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