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Infatuate my Liberty
With Colour Bright and Bold,
While inside my Heart may shrink ,
From your unyielding cold.
Borrow Brazen Intrepidity
Upon the Brash Tomorrow,
Before Truth meets with Happenstance
To Unfold secreted sorrow.
By Deliberate Repose,
Wily, though I only fleetingly suppose,
Your Mystery Enchants the Mind,
Your Danger Sings Temptation,
Smiling Rascals, Gleaming Bright
With Audacious Invitation.

This hand crafted image was provided to me by Rajiv Chopra found at: http://rajivchopra.me/ as a visual Challenge, to see what sort of poem I might come up with. It took me a few weeks actually, but I finally found Inspiration. Thank you Rajiv for the Inspiration. I enjoyed the mental exercise!