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Universal Contriving

Assuming the opposite
from the desired outcome may relish at
crippling us every chance it gets
stop, it becomes repetitive
and dreams are regularly left unassembled
another equinox omitted of vestige, meaning given for being discovered from living hidden
hybrid types mingled in the upper towers, layered away in dusk and confusion, they produced ellipsis
success is eminent rang a rejoicing communion

Sing O Sing my Heart without Fear
And never Allow deception near
To spin its web of intrigue to shout
Colliding with obscured and obsequious doubt

Push onwards looking to be engulfed
awe stricken vividly after reluctance
bountiful beauty in discernment employed lucidly
amass emotions and when fertility springs up realms to elaborated possibilities, be open

Shout O Shout my Spirit in Joy
Guiding Principles to employ
While Maelstrom in its violent bluster
Shreds All the Logic I Endeavor to Muster

washed away from any painful remembrance
your choices can’t resist whispering new tales to commence
often they find you cloaked to sub consciousness
approaching the unknown to elope

Be O Be My Willing Eager Hope
Beyond the chaotic, rocky slope
That misconstrues your every Perception
While Flesh and Essence Hypothesize Connection.

Decisions that are faced with a like universal contriving
all of a sudden project mind out of body to collective
ripe realities without defecting the morals
in fact habitually allure a prosperous experience

Dance O Dance oh Jubilant Promise within
Let not these troublesome musings Begin
But Rend that Imperfection from Your Vital Core
Trust Truth, Live Life and Be Ever Sure

Live this instant and ever more lust in acquisition
The shores laugh with cracks of ember
the winds which breathed them begin to shimmer and vanish
leaving only eyes to linger until another whim materializes
urging us to Listen

This poem was written in collaboration with Darius McCullum of http://cultureofintellect.com Darius and I have only recently met, but what we were able to create in so short a time truly amazes me. Our styles are quite different, yet we were able to blend them together into a piece that says a vast deal more than I original anticipated. Even I had to read it several times! Thank You Darius for making this collaboration such a joy πŸ™‚