Breath of My Breath

Breath of My Breath

Heart of my Heart,

Love of My Own Love,

Life that once Breathed in Time with Me,

Now Far Away,

Separate and in Lost Misery.

Holding to the Tune I Hear,

The Glimmer of Harmony and Absence of Fear,

Breath of my Breath,

Desire of my Own,

Sweetest Handsome Lover

Like the Most Breathtaking Starlight Ever Shone,

You Force me to Waken Every Pale Morn,

Reaching for Your Lingering Touch,

Remembering Passion,

Delighting so Very Much,

Breath of my Breath,

Sing to my Heart yet Again,

Come Close from Afar, Our Unity to Mend,

And Breathe with my Heart,

From Our Harmonious Core,

Breath of my Breath,

Love With Me Once More.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Josephine Wall

16 thoughts on “Breath of My Breath

  1. Doing everything from the depths of your art is how you create the truest art. I really felt this poem move me.


  2. Each time we love, a person finds in life can be new, and their senses in a way explores always something uniquely new they’ve not felt before, and that innocence in a way is very untamed in a sense and a newness of breath.


    1. The Fresh New beginning of a very old, long-lived, Soul Mate Love, rediscovering, renewing, reinvigorating….OH how marvelous that SHALL be 😉


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