Ovation – NaPoWriMo


All the Beauty of the world
Could not in its merest measure
Compare to the Beauty I See in You.

All the Light in the Vast Heavens
Could not by its Infinite Splendor
Shine as Magnificently as the Sparkle of Your Eyes.

All the Serenading Songs on Earth,
Of Love, Of Hope, Of Joy Sublime,
Could Ring one True Note
Played against the Enchantment of Your Voice.

All the Breathtaking works of Art
In All the Treasures, In All the Vaults,
Could cause one single Shiver in me
When Measured to Your Most Exquisite Hands.

All that could Ever be Sweet and Fine,
Of Luxurious Melody and Angelic Rhyme,
Of Passions Blazing and Desires Fair,
Stand Mute, Broken, and beneath Compare
To the Slightest Glimpse of Your Handsomeness,
O How My Heart Yearns Only for This,
To Linger near You, night and day,
To drift in Your Embrace for Years of Days.
How I Delight in Your Most Tempting Smile,
That Sends Dizziness Tingling all the While
You Stare at me, Sweet Intoxication,
How my Love Desires to Give Ovation,
To You, Dear Love, Again and Again,
Through Infinite Time,
Without End.


Beautiful Original Artwork By: Karol Bak


      1. I would say so! Holy moly! Lucky guy WHEN he comes along. And he will, Mor. And he will. I have NO doubt with you there pouring these thoughts and words of LOVE all over the place. xx


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