Friday Fantasy – Emeraldine Serpent


The Cradle of Vast Eternity

Surely Opened and Set You Free,

Free to Dance Upon the Shades of Night,

Free to Embody so Remarkable a Sight!

Tempestuous Dragon of Beauty and Fear,

I Tremble and Shiver as I Draw hesitantly Near.

Emeraldine Serpent with Golden Mane,

Lord of my Dreams, Master of Bane.

Beautiful Artwork found on Google Image Search. Original Artist’s signature Unknown

13 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy – Emeraldine Serpent

  1. I love dragons as well sweet Morgan! I also love that medieval period and also victorian. I’m stuck in the past and there’s this darn dragon on my heels can you get your magic wand and zap him? LOL 😀


  2. oh!..this is so great to see this in my email inbox today..the Chinese ‘mythological’ something..i too..

    Set free on earth..
    to inspire..
    and all of ‘that’..2;)


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