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Endless Paradox

The Soft and Gentle Tumblings
Of the Notions of my Mind,
Reel in four directions, yet
Never leave me far behind,
As the Whirling of the Universe
Compound and rend asunder,
I am Ever left Considering
The Paradox of Wonder.

How is it that You Love Me,
Beyond my every failing?

How Great is the Ocean’s Tide,
And the Chasms of Sky, wherein I’m Sailing.

How Does the very Echo
Of my Heart Reach into my Spirit?
How Long will Love Ask me Wait
Before the Beloved Twin Shall Hear it?

How Vast are the Depths
Of the Wonders of Your Love!
How Gentle is Your Beauty,
Like the Mourning Song of the Dove.

How did I miss the Litany of Angels
Who broke the Heavenly Choir’s Score
To Sing to Me, Above the Chaos,
And Lift me from the floor?

When will Space and Time Unravel
And Unwind into the Night?
Will I Stand Beside You then,
Gazing at the Awe Inspiring Sight?

Diligence and Ruthlessness
Seem Keys to Most Successes,
But Kindness and the Grace of Love
Always Inspire Second Guesses.

Oh How the Heart Ever beats True
When facing the Pulse of Mortal Clocks!

Oh How my Thoughts grasp at Your Marvels
In the Endless Paradox!


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Loony-Lucy at Deviantart.com