Sweetest Spirit

Sweetest Spirit

Sweetest Spirit
Known to my Heart in her most Secret Chamber,
Loving Kindred Soul who Speaks to Me,
Though Long Parted,
Our Unity Yearns to Drink again from the same Blessed Chalice of Love
As Once it did,
Though that long past Moment Echoes in Memory like discordant chimes,
A Clangor of Sound Pealing in the Distance,
Unheeded and Untended.

Sing, Sweetest Spirit,
Oh Sing, to this Kindred Flame!
Sing in Blessed Harmonious Rhyme to my Wandering Heart Again!
Sing with Your most Handsome voice,
That Stirs my Soul, untimely,
For Though I See and Hear You, Love,
Our Hearts are Left Alone and Mute,
Locked in Distance that shatters the Euphoria of Reminiscence,
And like the Serrations of a Merciless Blade
Wounds my Heart with each Moment we are Alone.
So Lost is She without Your Love,
So Empty and without Bearing,
Adrift upon the Sea of Life
Like a Frozen Ember that once was Searing.

Remember Me, Oh Sweetest Spirit,
Remember Us, and Sing!
Sing of Harmony, as Once You Sang,
And Make Eternity, Once More, to Ring!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jessica Allain


    1. Thanks Dear Friend. I was hoping it wouldn’t come across too “down” , particularly with that image, but I came back to it so many times while I was searching for the right image, I finally thought “well, I guess this is IT” πŸ™‚



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