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I Sigh,
Yet it is Deep Transgression against my heart,
This Exhalation that is so Calming,
So Soothing, So Lovely;
Expressing Passionate Delight, Poignant Distraction, and Blissful Reverie,
Does it Dare betray the Longing and Deep Yearning of my Soul?
Haunting, Viperous, Murderous Lies!
Bitter, caustic, irreparable travesty
That shatters my Thoughts into a thousand jagged pieces
And Laments in my tears of the Loneliness I wear.
O Heavy Mantle!
Poison to my Joy!
Peril to my Laughter!
For if any should guess;
If any could See Beyond this porcelain mask I wear,
Hiding the True Identity of my Emotion,
They would Surely See a Gaunt and Haggard Soul,
A Breaking Heart living each day with the torment of Lies,
And the Treachery of Duplicity.
O Vile Deceit and Guile Walking Hand in Hand with Me!

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Original Artist and Model, sadly, Unknown.