Father Song

By the Tranquil Sea

Part this Sea of Uncertainty
And Guide me across the Vast Expanse
Where Your Love Lives as Eternal Fire,
Where I never fear to take a Chance.

Stand over me in the Dark of Night,
A Pillar of Flame for All to See,
Teacher of my Blinded Sight
Beyond my mortal Inconsistency.

Lead my by the Quiet Waters
Of Your Eternal Spring of Joy,
Feed me by Your Holy Hand,
Food of Angels, Sweetly Employ.

Holy Shepherd, Father Song,
Grace Far beyond my tainted thought,
Lead me on the Road Youโ€™ve Chosen,
Redeemed and Saved, By Sacred Love, Bought.

When the Light of my Life is Failing
And Dimness in my Eyes is Bright,
Angels Bending, Gently Tending,
Guide me Home to Your Eternal Light.

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest

17 thoughts on “Father Song

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You !! I wasn’t entirely sure about this one…I guess it just goes to show…trust the Inspiration and let it Bless where it may ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Today I edit. I think. I experimented with some settings I haven’t used, and I think I messed up. (sigh) I took over 100 pics so there must be ONE I can salvage! xx


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