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Perfected Time

Lost in the Arc of Your Swirling Love,
Your Tempests, Gales and Fiery Storms,
I Stand in Awe and Stare
While the Symphony of my Affection Forms
Poetry as Sweet as Honey
Flowing from the Luscious Tree,
Like the Nightingale filled with Song
I Sing, Unhindered, Clear and Free,
While all around the world stands Mute,
Accosted by its own false trying
To Impress beyond its flagrant means,
Its Promises filled with Smiles, Lying.

O Trust not those Lures that Tempt Your Love,
For they are naught but Silken Ruse,
Trust only this, Blessed from Above,
Which Perjures not, nor does confuse,
For by this Love I know Your Heart,
And by This Love You Shall Know Mine,
Unmatched in this world’s Bitter Plane,
Together Beating in Perfected Time.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Barbara Florczyk