This Love

This Love

Touch my Hand,
Hold This Love, Offered so Gently,
So Freely.

Gaze into my eyes
With the Resplendent Stare only You Possess,
See This Love, Given so Openly,
Yearning so Deeply.

Breathe with Me,
In the Blushing Splendor of the Night,
Touching All that Loves Only You,
Asking nothing,
Surrendering Everything,
To You,
For You,
Loving Only You,

And Never Let This Love go.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Barbara Florczyk


    1. 🙂 Thank You Ever so much, my new friend 🙂 I am so happy that you find Booknvolume (or BNV, as I like to call it) a pleasant place to stop and breathe deep.

      Yes, I do agree…that Library is STUNNING..although, I don’t think I’d get alot of reading done in there. 😉


    1. 🙂 I have loved that picture for so long and have been waiting for THE perfect poem to use it with…so glad I finally could 🙂

      Thanks Ever So, Michelle ~


      1. I love it when that happens! I always get excited when I have something to go with what I’m thinking and I don’t have to concept! I’m not good at that! I was going to send you some ideas today using your blog as an example if you would like me to. Hugs to you sweet Morgan. Hey your profile pic is back and I love it! HUGS


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