Winter’s Embrace

Winters Embrace

Winter comes as a Gentle Embrace,
The Warming Blush upon her face
Soothed by Tenderly Falling Skies,
The Fruit of her hand, Beautiful Sighs,
Her Smile as Radiant as Summer’s Gaze,
Yet Delicate as her first Icy Glaze,
Whispering Softly or Howling with Ire,
Winter comes Gently, like Ruddy Fire,
Filling my Heart with Shivers Fair,
Her Gentle Embrace the most Sumptuous Affair.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: moonchild-ljilja


    1. Oh I do love winter, and snow, and even Ice! Its the sub-zero temps that make me wince and whine 😉

      Is it warm where you are this time of year or wintry too? Just curious, since I’m not sure what part of the world you call home.


      1. Oh sorry, Pennsylvania. Just heard a forecast update…they have upgraded us to 20-22 ….not sure if I like that or not, except that I will definitely have time to write all day (in between shoveling) …..

        sorry..just blathering 🙂 (I do that…you know that…see there I go again) LOL


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