Effusive and Sensualistic


I am an effusive and emotional creature (in case you haven’t already figured that out). I cry at commercials that touch my heart. I smile broad smiles when others only grin. I laugh with joyful abandon when others scoff. Life is far far too short and Love is far far too rare not to share a joyful smile or giggle of mirth at every moment that presents itself.

(Now that’s not to say I do not get my work done, that I don’t ever have an off day or find myself stressed and in need of a frosty beverage or some other form of mental diversion, but on the whole, by and large…well, you see where I’m going, don’t you? So I’ll get on….)

I verbalize (perhaps a bit too much, now and again) how I feel, what I think, ways that moments touch me, dreams I’ve had or simply created; I verbalize everything. (well, nearly) I tell people Thank You before they expect it. I give a gentle ego boost when someone seems low. I share with my friends how much they mean to me, whether in serious or in funny ways, that will make them smile. I am Effusive…perhaps to a fault.

I am also a sensualist (we’ve covered this ground before, but I really am going somewhere with this, so do please bear with me, I shan’t be long.) I don’t scowl and pretend to be too cool, I take pleasure in things. Elaborate or simple, expensive or moments that cost not a dime. I look up at the stars, I notice the berries ripening on the bushes, I see the squirrels scampering and I smile. I breathe in the fresh, crisp scent of winter; I gaze long and hard at the colours around me; I touch, either with my hands or my heart; and I look upon that face and smile with remembrance (sorry, that bit’s just for me) I listen to music that lifts my soul; broad and expansive, ethereal or ancient, rhythmic or classical, music enriches and delights in ways words simply cannot.

I am Effusive and Sensualistic. So when I see something that may draw a single tear to most eyes, I weep with deep sobs and trembling.(although when this happens at the theatre, I will stifle myself as quickly and quietly as I am able, not to the chagrin of my movie-going friends!) When I hear music that may draw a sigh from another, again, I cry out of the sheer delight and the pure beauty of unencumbered emotion communicated without words. When I read something that might make the average reader nod in agreement or say quietly, “wow”, I tremble as if intoxicated, moved by the deep well of emotion within me, and often, very often, open myself to the deluge of inspiration and words that ever comes as a result. And when I watch a movie, when I see an actor perform a scene with unparalleled, exquisitely expressive skill and it moves me to laugh (yes, out loud) or cry, equally out loud, there is little I can do to stem the tide.

I am Effusive. I express myself openly and honestly. Sherlock may call it a human failing (perhaps among others) but, Being a Sensualist, I rather do not mind.

Just a bit about me, not that you asked, but being effusive, ( well, you see my point….)

Beautiful Original Artwork by : Lauri Blank


    1. Thank You ever so 🙂 I am so pleased to hear that it doesn’t come off sounded a bit “oh me, I lam so amazing, blah blah blah…” lol as that is not at all what I intended.


  1. I love that you’re open about how you are, I share similar emotions and feelings to you, but I’ve not ever verbalised it anywhere, so you are an inspiration, keep on doing what you’re doing; it’s not a human failing, it’s just that, you’ve embraced who you are and know how you can live with yourself, and be happy about it. ☺️✨


    1. Thank You yikici 🙂 I sometimes think that I ought to wear that post or the like as a disclaimer round my head..might save alot of puzzled expressions from others LOL 🙂


  2. OH, Morgan, you are precious. I found myself weeping at the dinner table a while back, and my husband perplexed, said NOW WHAT? I just looked at him and said, “I don’t know, but I just feel like crying.” Too funny. I can weep at the drop of a hat. The man cannot get it through his head I am effusive (thank you for that word) and I feel things deeply.


    1. 🙂 I know what you mean. Men are, by their nature, less effusive and often less receptive to the effusive emotional expressions we as women, not to mentions as poets, so frequently use. Let him read this post..maybe it will help LOL 🙂


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