Kiss the Sun

Kiss the Sun

The Shifting Sands of Melancholy Seas,
Unfertile, Sterile, Vast and Bleak,
Mark the Echoing emptiness of my Silence,
Barren as a desert promontory.

Droning Winds that parch my skin
With burning sands that Kiss the Sun,
Wrestle with my misgiving before the Tide’s begun.

Hurtling Thoughts like grains of sand,
Into the Vacuous Open Plain
Of All my Thoughts,
Sandstorm of Intemperate Haste,
Wiping Clean what Once was Chaste.

Subtle in the withering Glare of scorched and desolate Promise,
Slinks the Guise that Stole this Virtue,
Hapless Temptation in undulating form
Slither Beside me to Keep me Warm.

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    1. I was inspired to write something about the Desert after spending the evening listening to Azam Ali from VAS (she is featured singing in my post Fertile Garden), thus this poem sprung forth from the middle eastern flair πŸ™‚

      Blessings and Thank You Ever So ~


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