This Mighty Love

Mighty Love

Shall I Sing Praises of You,
Oh Love who makes my Heart Weep in Longing?

Shall I Confess my Desire for You,
Oh Love who Fills my Every thought with Yearning?

Shall I Describe Your Perfection,
So Bounteous in Exquisite detail?

Or Shall I Gaze into Your eyes with every Measure of this Mighty Love
Conveyed without a single word,
Yet Speaking more volumes than any library could ever Hold?

Beautiful Photograph is of Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland


    1. Thank you Friend 🙂 yes I agree, that Library is another (Like the one on my header ) where I would get very little actual reading done !

      Have a Fantastic Weekend ~


    1. I do Humbly Thank You. It is a blessing to me that I never take for granted and am so happy to know it may touch your heart, and others, as well.

      Thanks Ever So~


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