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How You Uplift

I Want to Thank Everyone for their Kind Concern…I cannot tell you how very much it means or how it lifted me!

When I am Lost and So Alone,
When Heartache crushes my Mirth and Merry,
When this Brave Heart stumbles in the fray,
And in my Spirit, Despondency Tarries,
Look I, then, to Your Love and Fervor,
Needing All Your Support, I Cry,
Never to be misplaced or Forgotten,
Your Concern and Friendship Brings ‘mazed Sighs!
O How You Uplift and Carry Me,
When Burdened and Buffeted I Fall,
Gathering me in Your Kindest Care,
Your Smiles and Encouragement, My All!
Yet when this Gloomy Cloud Departs,
The Solicitude You Offer, Still Fills this Heart.