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Lyrical Musing

Tonight I was Perusing Pinterest, which I sometimes do in search of an Inspiring Sight, when my poetic nature turned playful and suggested to me an idea for Friday Fun that I simple could not refuse (since it is never advisable to argue with oneself …and lose!) There amidst the myriad images, colours, textures, and creatures of all shapes and sizes, ever present Inspiration sat, bedecked with all the Splendor and Revelry one might desire ever to see and this fine thought (lyrically) occurred to me.

Select an Image, without Thought or Fancy,
Then Spin from it a Magical Fiction,
Though it seem Vague and somewhat Chancy,
Let Imagination Unfurl a Wondrous Depiction.

Thus the Poems I shall Post Today,
Are Poems Woven in but a moment of Play,
A Temptation to Lure my Lyrical Musing,
Which I Hope does not seem a bit too confusing,
For as you can see, the Rhymes are Unending,
Though now to the Nighttide my thoughts are Bending.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Josephine Wall