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New Year Resolutions, Fah! I never make them. After All, who really keeps them for more than a month or two and what is a resolution, when it comes right down to it, other than a promise you make to yourself to stop doing something you, in all honesty, like or love to do, or to start doing something you’d rather not.

I Resolve not to make Resolutions.

Rather, I will set forth from this fresh place in the year with Hope to Light my way, with Joy in my Heart and Jubilee in my Step to make the Journey a Happy one, with an Open Hand and Willing Desire to Offer any Kindness I May during the expedition, and with Peace in my Spirit, knowing that every mile I walk, hop, swim or ride in kangaroo style, Shall be Guided and Protected by the Source from Whom all Life and Blessings Flow.

This may sound like a load of poppycock, to some; yet, with this Source of Inspiration, Blessed Harmony and Integrity, I can walk Straight and True to Accomplish whatever I set out to do. No mountain will be too high and no forest too dark; no seething ocean will be too angry and no valley too shadowy to keep the Light that Shines before me and over me from Glimmering out across the Path. And should I stray into the undergrowth, seeking heaven only knows what, I can never go so far as to be lost from Sight.

This, then, is my Resolve. This is the Foundation upon which I shall Stand. And this is the Promise I Gladly, Willingly, make to myself this year, every year.

What New Year’s Resolution will you make?

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