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Phantasms Drift around me,
Vestiges of Diminishing Night,
Lingering, Transient Sensation,
Softly Breathing Lavish Delight.
Quiet Morning Tries to Rouse me,
While Leisure Shades my Blushing Cheek,
Yet, Still Warm from Gilded Dreaming,
I Close my Eyes, Their Touch to Seek.

In Idle Supplication
I Nod my Head Once More,
Desiring Passage ‘pon that Ship
Which Shall Carry me Ashore.
Ashore Unto Those Violet Hills
Into which I Wandered, Free from Care,
Ashore Upon a Breathless Wave,
While Midnight Caressed my Tousled Hair.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: theimperfectimpala at deviantart.com