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Printed Pawns

Chivalrous in their Temptation,
Charm and Seduce me Unlike any Other;
No Cause, No Force, No Storm of Passion
Or Thunderous Wailing
Can Manifest in my Waking Hours and my Dream filled Drifting
As these Billowing, Lyrical, Expressive Fragments;
Phrases Turning from Poseidon’s Lair
To the Heaven’s Luminous Glare,
Entrancing and Captivating my every Breath,
Filling and Spilling in Their Praise
Of You,
Oh My Sweetest,
My Most Beloved,
Whose Heart I Yearn to Know,
With this Love I Long to Show,
Exploiting as much Tender Devotion and Eloquent Expression
As I Duly Give this Printed Pawns.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: George Goodwin Kilburne