OH that this Meek Soul that Speaks not into darkness,
Nor Stands on mountains Singing,
Should Merit Angels from on High Come Unto me,
Sweet Messages Bringing,
This Heart which Follows Faithfully, Giving as I Ought,
Yet Seeking not
Further from Thy Side,
Where in Thy Mercy I Abide,
While Holy Angels Glorify the Humility of my Heart,
This Precious Miracle, Left Unto me To Start,
And Blessed in Posterity Shall I Ever Be,
While All Generations coming after me
Shall speak My Name in Reverence and with Joy
Because, Immaculate, I Shall Carry Heaven’s Boy.

Beautiful Image found at:

36 thoughts on “Immaculate

      1. Thank You Ever So, Walter 🙂 I love the Magnificat and do confess this is a mirror of that most beautiful song, but it flowed so freely and in less than 5 minutes from Inspiration to Completion, that it truly must have come from the same Spirit as those Glorious words of old.
        Blessings and Peace~


      1. In truth, I’m not at all certain the spirit and the body may be rent and yet remain here, therefore the passions of the body and the praises of the spirit ought naturally be woven parallel. Though some would say they seem at odds, I would say no more so than the ocean and the shore, for one dictates boundaries for the other and where they meet is a divine place of beauty.


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