This is remarkably lovely!

Victoria C. Slotto, Author


I was there.

Weeks of waiting, watching,
wondering how you held on,
how you defied
the inevitable.

You clung to life,
her tenuous tendrils
all that kept you here.

I’ve watched the change
death brings
when so slow—
the fragile, fading
waning of vigor.

A life unnoticed—
when not a mark is made
or sound is heard,
you die alone.

But I was there.

This morning,
you let go
and fluttered to the ground
among so many others,

and I was there.

Linked to dVerse Poetics where the theme today is Calendars and anything the passage of time might conjure up for you. I hope you’ll stop by with a poem, or a poetry fix. I’m your hostess today.

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