The Undiscovered Country

Too Little Time

OH the conundrum of the WordPress Reader!

OH how I wish I could Read every single one of the posts I see, posts so lovingly created by such inspiring and creative hands!

OH how I yearn to sit at this computer the day long, reading and writing, writing and reading, sharing myself and receiving you, friends, cohorts, collaborators, conspirators of the written word.

BUT OH how little time there is in this short day. OH that I must work when I want to play!

Yes, this is the dilemma that faces us all, (isn’t it?) Or maybe you just buzz by, click Like and keep going, (yet , even in that you still show a spirit of support and a desire, if nothing else, to promote and peruse.)

The WordPress Reader, that “undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns (Uninspired) puzzles the will”. (Uh huh, Hamlet, You know me well enough by now not to even be surprised, right?) So Many Talented writers, poets, photographers; Artists All (which I guess includes me, which is, in and of itself, a somewhat startling suggestion!), All sharing the same taxing burden. That there is not enough time in the day.

Do I have an answer to this quandary? Do I have a mote of inspiring insight to share that will make this predicament easier to bear or to dispense with altogether? Do I hold in my hands the key to unlocking the secrets of Readerdom (ok, Yes, I made that word up, but since you knew what I meant the minute you read it, I feel, at least in the least wise, justified). Do I know how to correct this sticky situation and make it smooth sailing from here on out?

Nope. (sorry, not the answer you were hoping for?)

Alas, ‘Tis a burden we must all bear, as best we are able (unless one of you holds the aforementioned key and should like to share?) To know that, right here at my fingertips, there lies a Sea of Passionately Inspired, Deeply Desired, Hauntingly Lovely, Sad and, (dare I say ) Literarily Comely and that, though I focus all my energy (that I can spare, while still leaving time to write for myself, work, eat, play with the kitty and sleep ) I am, in fact, doomed to never see or read them all.

Such Knowledge, although Elementary, Watson, is a Bitter Pill to swallow. But Rather than spiraling through and simply clicking for the sake of clicking, and in that unflattering moment dull the edge of veracity, I shall trudge on and hope for speed reading super-powers tomorrow.

So if by some strange happenstance,
In this most multifarious Dance,
Should I quickly Click and there, Perchance,
Pause only briefly to Steal a Glance,
In Kindness Forgive my own Mischance,
And do not glare or scowl, Askance,
For Your Words and Images yet Enhance
This Dreamer’s overly Verbose Romance

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  1. So true, Morgan. When I first started blogging, it seemed completely manageable because I allotted myself only a window of time for reading. Alas, now it seems completely unmanageable. There are so many interesting blogs, so many fascinating photos out there!!


    1. sweet of you 😉 I know, its just impossible to read them all. I try to pick different ones each day, so I at least hit all of them at least once a week…maybe… 😉


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