Ocean’s Sigh

Ocean's Sigh

Night stands Silent,
The Air is Still,
The Waves are Subtle,
Peace Transcends
The Mortal Rush,
Stars wink softly
Setting Sun’s Pink Blush.
The Ocean Breathes,
Spiraling Terns Cry,
Sand And Salt,
Breathless Sigh.

Beautiful Photograph found at: wallsizes.com


    1. You are so kind….it is very much appreciated 🙂
      Thank You!
      I think, perhaps, the fact that I was falling asleep while I was writing this may have something to do with it, though 😉


      1. You’re a sleepy writer too! I have written a few of those in the past, and some with surprising results lol. Sleepy writes are cool, your subconscious takes over then and works some extra magic. ☺️✨


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