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Amreen of Paint The World With Words has inspired and challenged me this morning with the following post: http://painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/poetic-form-of-the-week-blues-poem/

I’ve never been an ardent lover of The Blues, at least, not until recently. Admittedly my discovery of Hugh Laurie (ie., House) and his Jazzy, New Orleans style of Blues has vastly influenced this change in my perceptions, but I will not deny that the accumulation of several years beyond the age of twenty may also have played a role. Whatever the reason though (my heart or my shoes) I’ve learned there’s more inspiration than I first thought in The Blues. (Sorry, it’s the poet in me). It’s that toe-tappin, finger-snappin’, head-waggin’ sound (that always makes me think of the Bill Cosby dance).

So, Rising to the challenge laid before me, (though I’m not certain how Bluesy it is) here is my offering of a Blues Poem:

Pressin’ On

Ever Stugglin’ to Walk this road,
Got Nothing to Show for carryin’ this load,
Once in a while it’ll get my goat,
But it Keeps me Pressin On.
At the end of the day I’ll Lay me Down,
Wipe away the dirt along wit’ this frown,
Listenin’ for that solitary sound,
That’ll Keep me Pressin’ On.

When the Mornin’ comes and I gotta Rise,
I’ll Drink Satisfaction from these groanin’ sighs,
Sweatin’ Tears and Blood while the long day flies,
It’ll Keep me Pressin’ On.
I’ll Move this mountain tho’ it breaks me,
Bottle of Amber that pays my fee,
Bit of rhyme and music to set me free,
Sure Keeps me Pressin’ On.

Can’t be lookin’ back now, The Past is Past,
You Gotta live alone with the Dice You Cast,
One Day is comin’ at the Sweet Last,
And that Keeps me Pressin’ On
Can’t have it All, You can only have Some,
Unless it’s a bottle of Jamaican Rum,
But that Heavenly Peace, It Always comes
And Keeps Me Pressin’ On.


Marvelous Image found at: riolindaonline.com