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which dwarf

A coworker said to me today “Morgan, you’re so quiet today! There’s no singing, no dancing, no giggling. Are you ok?” They know me so well, you see. They’ve come to expect hearing the incessant chattering; they’ve gotten used to being “Knee deep in the Hoolpa”, and when it isn’t happening the silence is rather deafening (apparently). I smiled wanly and said quietly, “I’m ok, just tired. This is me in a crabby mood.”

My coworker scoffed. She actually scoffed! You know, that sound we all make that is half laugh, half snort of derision, half cough (wait, that would be three halves…yeah, I’m off my game today) and said “If this is crabby, do you ever actually get grumpy?”

Sweet really, but it certainly made me stop and think. Do I? We all have bad days and we all have tired days when we’d rather be asleep Under our desk rather that at work At the desk, but Grumpy? No, that dwarf is definitely not me, I don’t think so, not really. (Sleepy, yes, but Grumpy, no) I mean, what do I have to be grumpy about? I have a fair paying job (not remarkable, but at the end of the day my tummy is full, my bed is warm and dry, and my car runs), I have benefits (at least, at the moment anyway, but I won’t step over that political line in the sand), I’m healthy, I have family and friends (not in vast quantities, but it’s quality that counts). I could certainly think up something to be narky about, it might even be funny, but that might also defeat the original point.

Back in school, (not so very long ago!) a friend asked me a similar question, although she phrased it out a bit more directly. She simply said “Are you EVER in a bad mood?” and SHE wasn’t necessarily being as sweet as my coworker. In fact, I think it annoyed her that I was (/am), by in large (yeah, there’s an interesting phrase…ever wonder where these phrases we use come from?>.sorry I digress), happy. (sorry, made you rather lose the thread, didn’t I?) (guess I’m not off my game all that much!)

Yes, I’m happy. That’s the dwarf for me (well, not that I’m into vertically challenged men, quite the opposite, really, but again, I digress!) Some might also say I’m Dopey, which on occasion, and particularly after a few Mt. Dew Voltages, is often the case and, reading back over this post I think even I would have to agree, but that brings me to my other point. (yes, yes, there’s always a point, really, even when there isn’t one)

It must be award week. (No that isn’t my point, but I’m getting there, I promise….keep up!) I received the never-to-be-under-estimated-Grand-Award yesterday (from Dear Brenda over at FriendlyFairyTales, but you already knew that) and today I discovered that a co-worker, (who in all reality I do not really work with because she is in another building about 30 minutes away and we’ve never met other than email) sent my boss an award of appreciation for me because, among other laudable qualities I will not mention lest I REALLY sound self-promoting, which in all honesty is not my point either (I’m getting there, I swear) she loves that I am always in a good mood and make her laugh.

I’m just being me, I give you my word! (or in most cases, my 728 words) And some people do find it/me annoying, I assure you (although I certainly hope you are not one of them!) I’m just Happy! (which might also mean I’m a little white bearded dwarf rather than me, but that might be best left undebated). But I suppose I must admit it, accept it, confess it to myself that Happy is not always, or not often, what people are these days.

Granted, with everything that is going on in the world (no I really won’t cross that line in the sand and segue into political rhetoric, I guarantee it!) it can be entirely understood why people are, in fact, generally Narky (I love that word!). But it can also be said that with everything that is going on in the world, isn’t there already enough Narkiness (ok, I may have just made up that conjugation, I’m not entirely sure).

(And now for my simple, but most assuredly adulterated, Point)

Let Your Light Shine! Don’t hide it. Be The Blessing. You are AMAZING!!! Be the Change you want to See in the World. (All absolutely amazing quotes made by astonishingly Inspirational people who hopefully I do not need to name for you.) You have the capacity to be everything you wish you could be. The potential lives inside you every day. You wake up with it, you walk around with it, and you go to bed with it when the day is over. Let it out. Let it walk beside you, smiling. Laughing. Yes, even giggling. (You haven’t lost your giggles have you?)

Like e e Cummings said in his immortal Poem (Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town)

anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)
spring summer autumn winter
he sang his didn’t he danced his did

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