Better than Faire

So you may have missed me today and may be wondering what I got up to and why I wasn’t here posting away, as usual (at least, I hope you missed me!) It was a spectacular Indian Summer day today and far too nice to stay indoors, not to mention that there is an annual craft faire going on this weekend within easy driving distance. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, the October colours are blossoming, so a friend and I hopped in the car and headed to the Faire. Ahhh the sights, the sounds, the SMELLS…the delectable food! Yes, I confess, we went to eat. (and to see all the dogs that people bring with them to the faire, as it takes place in a pet friendly park) I could have taken dozens of pictures of Mastiffs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Lhasa Apsos, even a brown and white Papillion puppy that was quite possibly one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, by the by) and many others, but instead I took these, just to give you a taste (no pun intended) (ok, well maybe intended a little) of The Faire.

This is an antique spiraling slide that is in the shape of this marvelous rocket. So much fun and far too many giggles!


Two of my favourite rides in one shot…


Quite possibly some of the best cinnamon sticky buns on the planet…


Chocolate covered Pineapples, Strawberries and….wait for it….Cheesecake! Do I really need to say more?


Deep Fried Blocks of Mozzarella Cheese. …(did I mention that I came home and had to run twice as long as usual?)


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