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It should come as no surprise that this is one of my favourite days of the year. After all, its National Poetry Day and being a poet at heart, I simply love the idea of taking a day (or in some Great Island Nations, a month) to pay homage to the power of words. It’s a potentially mind-blowing concept, if you really stop to think about it, for where would we be without words? Without language, written or verbal? How many of us would be wandering about at a complete loss…(for words?)

It should also little astonish you when I say that most of my passions include words of one form or another. Of course writing and poetry top the list, but acting ranks a very high second, and although I’ve never dived into those breathtaking waters myself (well, in most cases breathtaking) I am fully appreciative of the gift others possess to transform words into deep pools of liquescent action that spills over with emotion like a tide. (see, I can’t hide the poet in me even for five minutes!) I have my favourites, of course. Those brilliant talents who unfailingly cause me to laugh, cry or think long and hard, and, although I shall not name or list them here, I will confess that many of those exceptional thespians are British. (That should probably not come as much of a surprise either, really)

When poetry speaks, whether it is lyrical or free flowing, it is magic (again, in most cases). Although we all have our preferences, I should think it can easily be agreed that the Power of Words is the most powerful force on the planet. (well, outside of God and nature!) Think how many great speakers (and some that spoke powerfully, but were/are frightening in reality) have changed the course of history through their words? Think how many splendid poets and writers have gifted humanity with their ability to paint masterpieces with no more than combinations of 26 letters?

What could we accomplish if there were no words? How could we share? Where would we save those invaluable lessons to enlighten future generations? I cannot even imagine how drastically different our lives and our world would be without words. Would we be a race of telepathic empaths who commune with each other nonverbally and emotionally? (hmm…that might not be so bad) Would we have The Arts at all? Would our values and passions be entirely dissimilar to what they are now? What would Writers, Poets and Actors be if they had to express themselves entirely nonverbally? (hmmm …another fascinating notion)

This is just me thinking. Thinking about what a gift Words actually are and how we should truly value them, rather than degrading them into shadows of their former selves by forcing them to retain their usefulness while eliminating their substance in the form of text abbreviations and jargon. (but that particular rant is, perhaps, best saved for another post)

So to All my fellow Word Weavers, Painters of Lyrical Language, and Spinners of Tales, I wish you Fanciful Journeys. I wish you Blessings in Literary Abundance. I wish you Words to Live by, Words to Laugh by, and Words to Inspire and Dream by.

Happy National Poetry Day (Month! If you are British) (Or British at Heart, like I)

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