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In the Realms of Love

Night is Breaking through Tempestuous Clouds,
Moonlight Playing in Shades of Blue,
Dancing Shadows that Kiss Gently and Turn,
Reminding me Ever of Me and You.

Ravens Linger in the Glistening Air,
Conjuring Fear my Spirit Should Doubt,
Yet in the Realms of Mysterious Love,
I Run Swiftly to You and Brazenly Shout!

Of All My Love, Of All My Desire,
Of Your Sweetest Enticements Beguiling,
And If the Heaven’s would Break Asunder,
If I stood with You, I’d Ever be Smiling.

Lost in the Brilliance of Bespeckled Nighttide,
Riding the Currents of the Breathless Breeze,
Straining to See You there in the Future,
Where Our Love will Merge and Eternally Please.

Beautiful Image found on Google Image Search….original artist sadly Unknown