Traitorous Sigh

Traitorous Sigh

Secrets Hasten to Unveil Me,
Rhapsodizing in my Fantasy,
All a-Slander in my Protestations,
Comparing me to the Chiding Sea
That Tosses her head when She is Fair,
And Glistens when She is Vexed with Rage;
Yet I, with Skill not Waking to Unfold me,
Stand Silent and Mutely Turn the Page.

Vagabonds in shackles Raising
Treacherous Voices in Symphony,
Like Caterwauling Felines, Unharmonious,
While I Listen in Awestruck Litany.
Just as this Discordant Wailing
Plays Traitor to my Solicitous Sigh,
Such am I Without You here,
And Thus am I when You Whisper “Good-Bye”.



Breathtaking Original Artwork by: Fernanda Brussi Goncalves


      1. Morgan, I am really enjoying your writings. In fact, you won’t believe it when I think about you “How beautiful this person writes!”. Yes, rest assured, there is at least one person who not just understands but regards your writing as well 🙂 (When I write, I have the same questions too but I am happy I understand what I write even if others don’t. Lol.)


      2. You are so very kind. It means a great deal more to me than I can say.
        THANK YOU! 🙂
        By the way, your site intrigues me! I cannot wait to sink my teeth into more…..


  1. for such am i without you here…yes, just like that…it all made sense with that line…wonderful grasp of language in this as well…really well layered up to that line so that it is tangible…


    1. 🙂 Thank You Claudia. Its rarely intentional, I must confess, but I’m always relieved/ amazed when Im done writing to see where the words have taken me.


    1. Thank you Jackie 🙂 I don’t always read my poem aloud, for whatever reason. But its wonderful to hear that someone does 🙂 so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for visiting!


    1. Thank You 🙂 It didn’t start out to be a riddle, but ended up that way a bit. Im glad its still comprehensible! 😮
      As Always, I do so appreciate you stopping and your insightful comments 🙂


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