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(For Those of you who are not Star Trek Fans, I Humbly beg your Sweet Pardon, but this could not in good conscience be avoided)

“Is There Anything You Wouldn’t Do For Your Family?”

The Hush of Dreams Fills Your Mind,
Entrancing, Dancing, Lavishing in Kind.
While Time Extracts its Mortal Fee,
Slipping Beyond You, Sleeping Free.

Enigmatic as Peace and Passion,
You Waken to Chaos in Deliberately Poised Fashion.
Intertwined in Shrewdly Devised Exploitation,
Debacle Ensues of Your Cunning Summation.

Yet, this Lasting Ruse, not Long meant to Be;
Still Longing for the Enticement of Sleep.
Turning Heart to Stone, Like Cruel Alchemy,
Longing for the Connection of Family.

What Calamity Stirs in Your Astute Musings?
What Traitorous Emotion of Your Own Choosing?
Leading You Where You Least Wish to Go,
Trapped in the Gales as the Wind Does Blow.



Image found at scifipulse.net