Crimson Lord (In Full Verse)


Verse One

Darkness Falling in Shades of Ash,
Confusion with Mortal Dread;
Crimson Wings in Perfection Beat,
Menacingly Bow Thy Crown`ed Head.

Tempest from Thine Essence Issue,
Leviathan Upon Dreadful Wing;
Cursed be Daylight, Upon us Fall,
Listen, Silenced, as Thou Dost Sing.

Tales of Splendor, Age of Gold,
Mysteries Depicting Travel;
Ophidian Eye, Pierce Thou my Soul,
My Dexterity Unravel.

Thou, Oh Crimson Lord, Be Kind,
Look Upon this Mortal Tolerantly;
Cast not Thine Ire like Liquid Flame,
Until Thou Dost Hearest my Plea.


Verse Two

Speculate, Lord, as Thou May,
O’re my Request Untold,
Stand I, Trembling, Beneath Thy Gaze,
Upon Inestimable Gold.

Seeking Naught but Thy Fair Hearing,
Waiting, Breathless, in Thy Sight;
Serpentine Laughter, Echoes Jeering,
Flaunt, Thou Lord, Thy Splendid Might.

Fearless as I, Yet, May Be,
To a Dragon, ‘Tis Perplexing;
Brazen Truth, but Untested Beat,
My Boldness Rash and Vexing.

Vicious Roar, to Test my Courage,
Thou Starest with Tactful Guile;
Fear Stands Naked in My Eye,
Motive, Great One, to Smile.


Verse Three

Paltry Fool, Thou Couldst Undo Me,
One Beat of Thy Ferocious Wing;
Demand my Voice, Or See me Gone,
Intemperate Haste, Viperian Sting.

Circle, Serpent; Thy Dance of Dread,
Thy Formidable Presence to Impart;
Interrogate, Lord, As Thou will,
My Shivering Soul, Take Heart!

Alas, My Lord, Thou Shouldst Abide,
One Questing, Profitable Hour;
The Treasure that I Long to Speak,
No Faint and Drooping Flower.

Thunder Crashes, Lightning Galls,
Thine Eye a Crimson Gleam;
‘Twill be Forgotten Upon the Morrow,
Here Nothing is as it Seems.


Verse Four

Feminine Beauty Entreats Thee Not,
Delicate Hues Beneath Thee,
All that Glitters Takes Thy Devotion,
Thou Dost Detest Frailty.

Oh Crimson Lord, Thy Might is Proven,
Vast Thy Reach, Bitter Thy Scorn;
Yet, Stand with me as Night Unveils
The Jocund, Glistening Morn.

For Thou May Seest Truly then,
Fortune More Rich than Gold;
Applaud my Triumph, Foolish Spent,
To Aurum Thy Heart is Sold.

Caustic Mocking To Unnerve Me,
Lament my Piteous State;
Do I Dare Initiate the Master,
Such Might Foretell a Luckless Fate.


Verse Five

Transient Visitor, Poor Wretched Soul,
My Prospects to Brusquely Illustrate;
Venomous Hiss, Disastrous Growl,
Inconsequential Life On Golden Plate.

Thou O Lord, Knowest Terror Well,
Horror and Thee art Truest Friends;
Desolation Precedes Thee, Great One,
As Willows Before The Gale Do Bend.

Yet Chaff Cannot Satisfy O’re Long,
And Troves Tarnish and Stain;
Where Shouldst Thou Look, O Mighty One,
To Quell Thy Longing Pain?

If This Be Treasure, Speak Ne’re Again,
Thy Fury Steals my Trembling Voice,
In Thy Shadow I Quake and Waver,
But my Heart Leaves Little Choice.


Verse Six

Thou, O Crimson Lord, Art Splendid,
Thy Voice Like Imposing Thunder Be;
Fearsome in the Dark Night Calling,
Yet, Enticing as the Tranquil Sea.

Thy Song, O Great One, Does Enthrall,
Thy Crimson Stare, Sweet Calamity,
Thy Flourished Wing Captivates the Gaze,
Thy Ruthlessness, Sweet Blasphemy.

Speak not Again, Faint Hearted Soul,
Knowest Well What Thou dost Say?

Bowing to Thy Gracious Pardon,
Upon Bended Knee I Insistently Pray.

Surrender, I, Unto Thy Mercy,
Patent This Troth, Unswerving Be,
Thou, O Dragon of the Night,
Hast Mastered My Eternity.

Verse Seven

Silence, Mortal, Thy Glare Directed,
Disbelief Unmasking Thee;
Visions Splendid are Enchanting,
But Poison to Serenity.

Thou Sleepest for a Thousand Years,
Then Wakest to Reap and Plunder;
Yet, If This be Life’s Immortal Design,
‘Tis Naught but Tragic Blunder.

Thy Fangs, O Crimson Lord, are Baleful,
Thy Fire Steals my Breath away;
Yet, Permit One Kiss, O Mighty Conjurer,
Ere not Another Word I Say.

Inestimable Silence Spilling;
Thy Stare, O Crimson One, Belies,
Though Venom on Thy Lips Doth Wait,
Hear I only Draconic Sighs.

Starlight Tumbling down from Heaven,
Cascading O’re They Mighty Head,
Incantation Spell is whispering,
No Longer Dragon, But Lover Instead.

Crimson Lord Love

Beautiful original artwork by: nebezial on
Incredible Ophidian Eye found at :


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