Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!


It’s another one of those Milestone moments for me and BnV. (BooknVolume, silly!) (You really ought to know that by now ) I will confess to not really being all that concerned about stats and figures, here; I write because I write and I blog because I have discovered in these past three months since I/We started out on this intrepid voyage together (hasn’t it been a thrilling trip so far?) that I love to Blog. Blogging, Journaling, (muttering inanely for any or none to see/hear-depending), whatever you might like to call it; (as long as you are kind) yet in these past three months, though I can hardly believe it’s only been three months (as well you might agree, though somewhat less metaphysically)(Nice word, eh?)(Go ahead, look it up, I just did and it doesn’t really mean what I thought it meant, although it still applies rather nicely), I’ve found a joy in writing that I hadn’t quite realized could be possible.

As I was saying, though, milestones. Three Months. 345 posts (which proves how emphatic I am about this) (or just plain daft, one or the other) and 400 followers. 400 FOLLOWERS!!! I assure you, I’m not blowing my own horn, here…I’m simply astonished, amazed, and undeniably flabbergasted! Wasn’t it only two months ago when I was celebrating 50 followers and I was overjoyed THEN. I cannot tell you how out of my mind, over the moon, jumping for sheer joy ecstatic I am seeing that incredible number on MY blog.

This is not shameless self promotion, no no no, I assure you, that is not my intention…ever. But we all, as some point, must share this same emotion, mustn’t we? (surely we do! I swear, it can’t just be me.) The indescribable elation of knowing that the creative fabrications and inspiring offerings I/we serve up each day (and often several times a day!) are valued so highly by so many others. I find it slightly difficult (NOT being a math person) to even fully comprehend 400. In truth, I had to Google what that number looks like in hash marks to wrap my RIGHT BRAINED mind around the concept. (I really am a monkey doing a math problem when it comes to numbers!) (Although I can give you a dissertation on Shakespeare at the drop of a hat!)

Looking back (I know, three months is sooooo long ago!) I really had no idea what a blog could do. What blogging meant or what it could achieve, or what sense of accomplishment it would give me at the end of the day. Starting out, I had little direction in mind, just general blathering, (which I do rather well) (you didn’t have to agree quite so vigorously) and maybe a picture or two thrown in for good measure, however; once I started perusing other’s blogs and seeing the imaginative artistry and prosaic panache they offered, I was truly and irreversibly motivated. How could one not be, really.

Three months is by no means a great deal of time, and 400 followers may not be a phenomenal number (to some), but to someone who’s first post stated even If the only person who finds said blog interesting, amusing or, if I’m lucky, entertaining, should be me than that’s just splendid; these numbers make me lay awake at night, staring at the ceiling, attempting to grasp the awesomeness of it all (to coin the very 80’s terminology)or to coin a friend’s phrase “Awesome, Awesome, Awesome”.

When you first clicked on this, admittedly, unique little blog, you probably had no idea what you were getting yourself into (which may or may not have turned out to be a good thing!); you may have read for a while, raised an eyebrow once or thrice; you may have discussed your assay into my surreal little world round the water cooler the next morning with distinct irresolution, but, apparently, whatever it is that I’m doing here (regardless of whether or not even I truly know or understand what that may be), it must be right, somehow right, slightly right or at the very least not entirely wrong. Because after three months, after over 300 posts, and visits from people in over 40 countries, someone out there (or more correctly, quite a few someones) seem to like what I’m nattering on about.

And to me, that is simply “Awesome. Awesome! AWESOME!”


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  1. You’re painting our worlds with colors vivid, passion deep and talent miraculous. Wordsmith, keep hammering them into place, and leave your work like a stone statue behind for us.


  2. ..and the words keep on coming..even as she walks around the house talking to someone I don’t see and quiet enough for me NOT to understand…she keeps me entertained 🙂


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